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Viridian C5L-R Universal Sub-Compact Red Laser Tactical Light (100/140 Lumens)

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Model: C5L-RL-R
Finish/Color: Black

With the size of a subcompact pistol, it might sound impossible to get both a laser and a tactical light attached to your favorite carry weapon. Fortunately for you, Viridian continuously works to improve upon their technology and one of their premier products includes this C5L-R sub-compact Red Laser Tactical Light. With the ability to mount on almost any subcompact handgun and both an integrated laser and flashlight, it has everything you need to give yourself full visibility during any time of day.

Built to offer a universal fit on any of your pistol’s accessory rail, this offering from Viridian features a red laser to ensure you can stay on target. Beyond its bright and accurate laser sight, it also offers a tactical flashlight that is adjustable from 100 to 140 lumens to light up your target area. This light uses a wide field of vision, ensuring you can stay on target right. In addition, it offers a durable body construction, which helps ensure it can stand up to the environmental working conditions you might encounter in the field.

Whatever pistol you might have, this universal light will mount on your accessory rail and provide the performance you need in the field.


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