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Viridian C5L w/ TacLoc Holster For Ruger SR9c

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Ruger SR9c

Model: C5L-PACK-C12
Finish/Color: Black

When you want to get the most out of your Ruger SR9c, you might decide to buy yourself some tactical accessories. Naturally, one of the first that comes to mind is a good laser. This is where the C5L with TacLoc Holster comes into play, providing a great laser / light combo as well as a holster to carry it in.

With an easy rail attachment system, this laser / light combo was designed to work with your Ruger SR9c series pistol. The C5L is the large version of the C series of laser. It includes a green laser light, which is more visible under daylight working conditions. Additionally, it has been outfitted with a 100 lumens flashlight, allowing you to see better at night. The new models even come with ECR (enhanced combat readiness) technology, which allows the laser to activate as you draw. Finally, this also includes the TacLoc holster, which features level 2 retention technology and allows for a quick draw with your newly equipped Ruger.

If you are looking to outfit your Ruger with the best accessories available and want a holster to carry that new configuration in, this is definitely the way to go.


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