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Viridian C5-R Universal Sub-Compact Red Laser

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Model: C5-R-R
Finish/Color: Black

Of all the accessories you might add to your carry weapon, a good laser is definitely a welcome addition. Unfortunately, most companies almost make lasers for specific handguns, which can make it difficult when you own a less common weapon. Fortunately for you, Viridian understands the demand, which is why they produce their C5-R Universal Sub-Compact Red Laser. With the ability to fit on almost any subcompact, this excellent red laser will always ensure you can stay on target.

Designed to offer a fit that would complement your sub-compact pistol, this universal red laser will fit most standard models. It uses a no overhang design, which helps to avoid any unnecessary bulk on the weapon. Fitting tightly under the muzzle, it allows for a very accurate sighting of the target. The laser was built using Viridian’s Elite Red technology, which allows for a brighter target acquisition point and keeps you more accurate over the life of the weapon. It also benefits from ECR technology, which ensures the laser activates as you draw to provide the best possible shooting experience in the field.

Should you decide you need some extra aiming performance from your pistol, this universal red laser will definitely help you get the job done right.


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