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Viridian Right Handed TacLoc Holster For Springfield XD/XDm 9/40/45 w/ Viridian C Series

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Springfield XD/XDm 9/40/45

Model: 950-0025
Finish/Color: Black

The XD and XDm are both excellent platforms to carry and nothing helps performance more than adding a good laser to the mix. Of course, the disadvantage to this is it won’t fit in your typical holster anymore. With this Viridian TacLoc Holster made for your Viridian-equipped Springfield XD/XDm, you will never have this problem. Compatible with either the 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP caliber models, it will help you carry your weapon securely.

Constructed to hold your Springfield XD or XDm equipped with a Viridian laser, this holster is just what you need for carry in the field. Not only does it offer a snug fit for your favorite XD, but it also was built with level 2 retention, which helps keep it securely in place as you move. When you consider the location of the release button, you also realize that you can immediately draw the weapon and have the laser activated and ready. If that isn’t enough, you will appreciate the included paddle platform and the options it provides for you to mount and carry.

So, if you want a holster that will keep your Springfield secure as you navigate through your daily business, this is definitely one you can trust.


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