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Viridian Right Handed TacLoc Holster For Walther PK380 w/ Viridian C Series

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Walther PK380

Model: 950-0011
Finish/Color: Black

Walther has been a trusted name in firearms for many years now and their PK380 is an excellent platform. If you put a little extra money in and invest in a Viridian laser, you can enjoy true point and shoot performance in self-defense situations. Before you set out to carry though, you’ll also need a holster. This Right Handed TacLoc Holster was designed specifically for your Walther PK380 with a Viridian C Series laser attached, giving you just what you need.

Equipped with plenty of useful features, this holster will carry your Walther PK380 with a Viridian laser attached and hold it securely as you move. Supported by level 2 retention, your weapon will be automatically secured as you holster it but with easy access you can benefit from a blistering quick draw. The TacLoc release button is position right above the laser activiation switch, which allows you to immediately activate it as you draw. If you don’t like the included paddle platform, you can also use this with a BLACKHAWK 3-bolt system, giving you some options on how you go about your business.

So, if you want to carry your PK380 after equipping it with a Viridian C Series laser, remember to pick this up from Omaha Outdoors.


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