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Viridian Right Handed TacLoc Holster HKP30 w/ Viridian X Series

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Model: 950-0010
Finish/Color: Black

Like anything designed by H&K, the P30 pistol is an excellent weapon platform. Designed for practical use in the field, it offers all the modern features you need to get the job done right. Of course, adding a Viridian laser to the mix can help with those shots in a pinch. When it comes time to carry, turn to this Viridian Right Handed TacLoc Holster HKP30 w/ Viridian X Series.

Built specifically to secure you Viridian-equipped HKP30, this tactical holster is not messing around. It starts with a no-nonsense kydex construction, which provides a durable and comfortable way to carry. The level 2 retention holds your weapon securely in place as you move while the included paddle platform can be used to secure it properly to your person. Most important for a tactical operator, the simple TacLoc button release allows for one-finger operation and grants immediate access to the laser / light activation switch. This means you can draw and aim in one swift motion, ensuring quicker shots and more accuracy.

If you want your HKP30 to stay secure no matter what you encounter, remember to have it properly carried using this Viridian holster.


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