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Picking up a reliable and accurate handgun is only the first step to preparing yourself for concealed carry. Beyond the need to maintain regularly training with the weapon, one of the most important factors is ensuring you have all the right equipment. Remember, concealed carry is all about keeping the weapon hidden, which is why you need a good holster to get the job done. More than just keeping a low profile, that holster needs to allow for a fast draw free of any snagging on the clothes. Once you have this, you are better prepared to deal with a real-life encounter that you might come across. Understanding this quite well Versa Carry looks to offer shooters the best in practical performance.

With the desire to offer you everything you need for survival in the urban jungle, Omaha Outdoors carries a wide variety of Versa Carry products. We do our best to consistently keep these products in stock, which helps ensure we can offer some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. Perhaps even more important, we understand that you might have questions about what you see. So, if you are unsure about anything, please pick up the phone and give us a call. We want your experience to be as simple as possible.

Born Like A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Versa Carry creator Justin Sitz had no idea what might happen after his house caught fire in June of 2010. Simply thankful that his life had not been taken, he began supervising the construction of his new house from a small trailer he parked right there in the lot. While the process was proceeding, he came up with an idea about a better concealed carry holster. Realizing the potential for his new holster, he actually cancelled the building of his new home and invested his insurance money into starting a company. Today, that company operates out of Bryan, Texas, producing not only low-bulk holsters, but also an array of other firearm accessories that you can use to better keep yourself safe.

Carry with a Versacarry Holster

Utilizing a patent pending design, the foundation of the company is the Versacarry holster. Built keeping simplicity in mind, this inside the waistband only holster is there to provide a no-nonsense carry option that anyone can get used to carrying. The system is designed to be ambidextrous, ensuring that anyone can use it for their favorite concealed carry pistol. Furthermore, the minimalist design allows it to be used with almost any weapon while the metal core barrel retention rod keeps the weapon securely in place while you move.

These holsters are offered in both revolver and pistol configurations, with the revolver having an extra small and a small frame .357/.38 option. For pistols, you can choose between options ranging from extra small to extra-large and find everything in between. They are offered in: .380 ACP, 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, 10mm, and .45 ACP.

Keep Your Spare Magazine Close with a Versacarrier

Of course, keeping your weapon concealed won’t mean anything if you empty your first magazine and still need some more stopping power. Built using the same Zerobulk ™ design as the holster, the Versacarrier was designed to easily keep your magazine in place while keeping it hidden from prying eyes. The minimalist design holds your magazine in place as it installs like an extra round. Held inside or outside the waistband, it features a quick-draw release and does not interfere with any magazine functioning. It is offered for both single and double stack magazines and is featured in a variety of popular defense calibers.

Always Have Your Weapon Close with the Versahub

Of course, a weapon won’t do you much good if you don’t have quick access to it. With this in mind, Versa Carry looked to produce a bed mounting system that would maintain the simplistic nature of their other products and offer a great way to stay safe at home. This is where the Versahub came from. Using the same durable materials as the other products, this hub system was designed to be placed between the mattress and the boxspring on your bed.

From there, you simply slip your Versacarry and Versacarrier onto the frame. It stays in place using an anti-slip hexagonal design and keeps both your pistol and extra magazine right there for when you need it. When your day starts again tomorrow, you can simply remove the holsters from your Versahub and attach them to your outfit as usual, making for a seamless transition.

Pick Up A Leather Belt To Hold Your Holster

With a propensity for quality design, Versa Carry belts are built to offer a durable and attractive way to keep your weapon holsters secure. Made with either a single ply or double ply design, they are handcrafted using full-grain, vegetable-tanned, English bridle leather and USA hides. Offered in either black or brown, they are the perfect accept to your holsters. More importantly, they are made tough to last, ensuring the belt will keep your pants on securely for years to come. Most important though, they were designed to carry the weight of your weapons, making them exceptionally durable.

Other Shooting Supplies Offered by Versa Carry

As you might expect, Versa Carry doesn’t stop with these offerings either. Though they continually work to add new and practical additions to the accessory family, they also work to offer other shooting supplies that will last. For example, they offer a simple 3-Gun case you can take to the range and hold multiple weapons easily. They also produce snap caps to ensure you can safely dry fire your weapons without hurting the action. If you need some cleaning supplies for your favorite gun, you will also find that these items are available online as well.

No matter what you might be looking for, Omaha Outdoors is on mission to ensure you can find everything in one convenient place here online. Our store was organized to give you the easiest experience available online today. Whether you are just looking for a new concealed carry holster or you need to stock up on a wide variety of supplies, you can easily find exactly what you need. Of course, if you do have any questions about what you see or find you are having trouble locating the right item, please pick up the phone and call us directly. We look forward to sending your new Versa Carry supplies.


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