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No firearm is complete without having the right sights in place. A weapon can only be as accurate as the shooter who wields it, but it can also be limited by improper sights. Whether day or night, it is important that you have all of your weapons outfitted with just the right sights to keep you on target. When it comes time to do this, you might consider shopping for products from Trijicon.

At Omaha Outdoors, we feature all variety of Trijicon optics, red dot sights, and mounts for sale. We keep a strong supply of them in stock to ensure you can easily find what you need and have it quickly shipped to your location. Browse through the selection below and if you don’t find what you are looking for contact us directly. We strive to offer the best service available online today and we can only achieve this by getting you what you need.

About Trijicon

Founded in 1981 by Glyn Bindon, Trijicon specializes in self-luminous optics and night sights. Stationed out of Wixom, Michigan, the company is currently a contractor for the United States military and also supplies solutions for a variety of police organizations. Despite many other optics companies arriving in the past couple of decades, they continue to be one of the leading companies in this category all around the world.

Trijicon Latest Release

Two of the most recent additions to the Trijicon family are the HD binoculars and the HD spotting scope. In response to a demand for more observational tools, they developed both of these and built them for extreme performance. It features a magnesium body and rubberized armor design to provide for a lightweight carry while still allowing a durable construction. They use multi-coated fluoride lenses to give a crisp and clear picture from great distances.

More recent even than these, Trijicon released the MRO. Standing for Miniature Rifle Optics, this is a sealed reflex sight designed for rifles, carbines, or shotguns. It features ambidextrous brightness controls, sub-flush adjusters, an advanced lens coating, and comes with a waterproof, hard anodized forged 7075-T6 housing. All of these features combined makes for one of the most durable and reliable red dots. As you would expect from Trijicon, it also provides the accuracy you are looking for.

Robust and Reliable Scopes

One of the most notable options offered is the Trijicon ACOG. Standing for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, the ACOG has been widely used by military services for many years now. It is a fixed-power compact scope that provides an illuminated reticle for use in both day and night conditions. Since it was built for military use, it features a durable construction and extreme reliability that you can really count on when it matter most.

Shooters might also consider the Accupoint. This option was designed as a longer scope fitting the more traditional design and provides for battery-free illumination. It features adjustments for windage and elevation and can be used very effectively by a precision shooter. Alternatively, you might look at the Accupower. This is a slightly more rugged and feature heavy option and comes with an electronically powered illumination option, making it great for use under any conditions.

If you want even more variety, you could explore the VCOG or the TARS. The Variable Combat Optical Gunsight (VCOG) features an LED illuminated front and offer a robust Mil-Spec level performance. It can accommodate CQB and provide a solid platform for a long distance marksman. With ten illumination settings, two of which are intended for night vision, the TARS is intended specifically for long-range performance, making it another excellent option to consider.

Popular Reflex Sights

Of course, reflex sights are often the talk today and Trijicon offers its fair share of options. The RMR has been widely accepted as an excellent reflex option and the recent 1 MOA variant mentioned above serves as a testament to Trijicon’s reliability. The Trijicon Reflex is another hassle free and powerless option out there, allowing for easy both-eyes-open shooting.

The SRS (sealed reflex sight) is another excellent option to consider. It features a 1.75 MOA red dot, offers 7 daylight setting and 3 NVG compatible settings. It is powered by a solar cell and assisted by a single AA battery to provide for reliable functioning no matter what the conditions might be. Knowing that tactical situations often require gloves, it also features snag-free buttons to provide for simple and reliable operation.

Bright & Tough Night Sights

Of course, many people turn to Trijicon for their pistol options as well. The Bright and Tough Night Sights are one of the most popular options out there today for civilians and law enforcement alike. They are self-illuminated and features a three dot system that makes it very easy to acquire your target. If you want simple and effective sights for your handgun, this is a great place to look. Of course, Trijicon recognized that under stressful conditions a little extra definition never hurt. This is why they introduced the HD Night Sights, which include an extra outline around the dots for increased visibility.

Finally, though who want something for their shotgun can check out the TrijiDot. This fiber optic option collects ambient light and magnified it for a clear aiming point under any lighting.

Archery Sights

Beyond just offering optics for the modern firearm, Trijicon also gives a nod of appreciation to this who use a bow or crossbow. When this is the case, you might check out the ACOG system designed for crossbows. The ACOG XB was designed specifically for use with crossbows and features a lightweight yet rugged design. It operates without batteries but rather relies on fiber optics and tritium to illuminate the system. It has a built-in range referencing system to make for the most accurate performance.

If you use a regular bow design, you should instead check out their AccuPin sight system. It features a fiber optic pin with a bright triangular aiming tip to allow for precision shots in the field during both day and night. It features an AccuDial system that was designed for easy range adjustment in 1 yard increments to allow for the most accurate shots possible with your bow.

Trijicon Mounts & Accessories

Of course, we would be offering you a complete solution if we didn’t also have a variety of Trijicon mounts, scope rings, and optical accessories available. These range from simple mounts for your favorite sights to specialized rigs designed specifically for certain weapon. They specialize in AccuPin and AccuPoint options, providing all levels of rings, rails, and other accessories to make it easy to outfit your favorite weapon. Additionally, you can find things like lens covers to keep your optics in tip-top shape.

At Omaha Outdoors, our mission is to become your number one provider for all things Trijicon. Simply browse through the selection below, use the handy sorting features to the left, or search for exactly what you need. If you have any questions, please contact us directly and we would be glad to help.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you set up the gun that you need.

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