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Trijicon HD Gray 8x42mm Waterproof Binocular

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Weight: 247 oz


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Microfiber Cinch Bag, Lens Covers, Binocular Harness




8 x

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Adjustable Objective:


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Model: HD
Finish/Color: Gray

While you are out in the field scouting ahead, you need the right optical support to make sure you can get a clear picture of what you might come up against. Though there are a variety of tools to help you accomplish this, nothing beats a good old pair of binoculars. Whether for general outdoor use or more specialized applications, this Trijicon HD Gray 8x42mm waterproof binocular is just the tool you need.

In an effort to ensure that you can always have a clear picture, Trijicon made this binocular with multi-coated fluoride lenses, which effectively improve light transmission, increase clarity, and offer the best in color fidelity. They are also made completely waterproof and dry nitrogen filled to avoid fogging while in use, ensuring you always maintain the best picture. This picture is supported by an ocular lens focus system, which ensures you can train your eyes on what you need to. Thanks to its roof prism design, you can be easily carry these compact and slim binoculars with you. For integrity, it is made using a magnesium body and reinforced with a rubberized armor, ensuring it can stand up to shock while keeping the weight down.

So, when you need a reliable pair of binoculars to help you navigate on your next hunting trip or outdoor adventure, remember to choose one that you can trust.


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