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Trijicon RMR Mount for 1" scope

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Model: RM64
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Sometimes, a mission just can’t be executed properly without a good scope. Other times, you might be in a close quarters engagement and need something that you can keep both eyes open and respond quickly. But, what do you do on those missions that you need both? Taking two separate rifles is just not practical, and sometimes switching between a scope and another firearm can take too much time. Fortunately, Trijicon came up with a more creative option. Able to attach to any 1” scope, this Trijicon RMR mount will help ensure you can still handle yourself in transit should a threat present itself.

While your primary duty might be taking those distance shots, the simple reality of the battlefield today is that it is easy to be caught by surprise. Having this mount added to your rifle makes it quick and convenient to simply add on an RMR (rugged miniaturized reflex) sight and take care of business. The RMR was made to be lightweight and durable, offering that kind of reflex response you need to quickly handle yourself in a tactical situation. Thanks to this convenient mount, you can keep your scope and also benefit from a close quarter optic system, giving you the tools you really need to survive.

So, if you are hoping to keep a rifle that offers both long distance shots and those close quarter reactions, look no further than this mount from Omaha Outdoors.


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