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Trijicon RMR Sig Sauer Pistol Mount

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Model: RM50 Sig Sauer
Finish/Color: Black

Sometimes, one of the greatest difficulties you will face is deciding which optic is best suited for the job at hand. Of course, when you are using any sort of handgun, the best is often the simplest. While a reflex sight is an excellent choice, many manufacturers make them more complicated than they ought to be. On the other hand, Trijicon offers some sleek and functional options to keep you on target. If you decided to use a Sig Sauer, this Trijicon RMR mount is just what you need to quickly affix your favorite red dot and get the performance you need.

Made from solid steel, this lightweight mounting option is the perfect way to upgrade your pistol and ensure you have the rapid response you need in a pinch. Though professional installation is recommended, those with some experience modifying their sights will find that this is a relatively simple task. Just remove the rear sights of your weapon and install this mount right on the slide of your Sig Sauer. From there, you can mount the RMR (rugged miniaturized reflex) sight and make sure you are prepared for anything. Featuring a lightweight design and plenty of options to ensure you can operate at all hours of the day, an RMR is just what your Sig needs.

So, when you need to upgrade your Sig Sauer for tactical use, remember that there is no better place to start than with this exceptional mount.


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