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Trijicon RMR Springfield XD / XD(M) Pistol Mount

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Model: RM48 Springfield
Finish/Color: Black

The Springfield XD offers a great option for those shooters who want the most rapid response from an accurate and reliable platform. Of course, as with any factory weapon, there are always some points that could be addressed. Among those, a new optic solution is always a popular way to bring out the best of this gun. Giving it the ability to be a point and shoot weapon, a red dot is just what it needs. With this Trijicon RMR mount, you can easily affix your favorite red dot to your everyday carry gun, ensuring you have the performance you need wherever you are.

Offering a steel construction and a simple mounting capability with your favorite RMR (rugged miniaturized reflex) sight, this offering from Trijicon is just the place to start with your new XD. To install, simply remove the existing rear sights and secure the mounting bracket. From there, you can quickly and easily affix your RMR of choice and get to shooting. Featuring a durable construction and an easy-to-view optic platform, the RMR is the perfect companion to your Springfield and will help ensure you are always ready for action. Note that professional installation is recommended, so if you don’t have experience doing this sort of work, you should consult your local gunsmith.

If you want to take your shooting game to the next level and really make sure you stay on target, make sure you are able to attach your RMR to your pistol thanks to this convenient mount.


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