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Trijicon MRO Lower 1/3 Co-witness Mount

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Model: MRO
Finish/Color: Black

If you are preparing for a tactical assignment, you likely want to make sure you have a good red dot to make your aiming that much easier. Keeping both eyes open in the field is essential to your survival and a Trijicon MRO is just the type of solution you need to make sure you can do just that. By attaching this Trijicon MRO lower 1/3 co-witness mount to your rifle, you give yourself just the right platform to ensure you have the optical performance you need.

Designed to offer a convenient mounting option for your Trijicon MRO, this 1/3 co-witness mount uses the right construction techniques to ensure you have the performance you need. This mount is made to offer the toughness and durability you need to stand up to the heat of battle and provides a convenient way to affix your MRO to your favorite weapon. The MRO is an exceptional optic, made from 7075-T6 aluminum and ready to deliver performance on your rifle, carbine or shotgun. Its large viewing area and highly visible red dot makes it easy to always stay on target. By having this mount, you can reliably attach your MRO to any of your favorite models.

When you need to equip your gun with the best optics, make sure you start by picking up this co-witness mount right here at Omaha Outdoors.


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