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Trijicon MRO Low Mount

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Model: MRO
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When it comes to a tactical encounter, you want to make sure that your rifle is equipped with a proper reflex sight to help ensure you can stay on target. In practice, this means finding a good offering that will allow you to keep both eyes open and still hit your target from close to medium distances without hesitation. Among the options out there, you likely want to check out the Trijicon MRO, which combines accuracy with a small and lightweight platform. Before you try to use that MRO on your go-to rifle, you will want to pick up this Trijicon MRO low mount to make sure you are ready to use it.

The MRO is designed to be a durable and practical option for modern operators. It features a 7075-T6 aluminum construction and is built to be waterproof up to 30 meters. Beyond its durability, it uses a special lens coating that helps clarify your vision and ensures you get a good look at your target. The red dot keeps you focused in where you need to be and the ambidextrous controls ensure anyone can use it right. This low mount was designed by Trijicon as the best solution for using the optic on your favorite weapon. It offers that lower mount to give you the view you are most used to and provides a durable construction that perfectly supports your new sight.

If you are looking for a simple and convenient way to use your MRO without making your tactical rifle too bulky, look no further than this mounting solution at Omaha Outdoors.


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