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Trijicon RM44 RMR Glock MOS Mounting Kit

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Model: RM44 Glock MOS
Finish/Color: Black

Of all the pistols that you might want to use, the Glock is still one of the go-to weapons for many operators today. Trusted by military and law enforcement around the world, it presents a durable platform and simple operation that anyone can learn to use. If there is one improvement that you should consider right away though, it is using a reflex sight to ensure you have the fastest response time. Designed for the Glock MOS to ensure that you could use a Trijicon RMR sight, this mounting kit will give you just what you need to shoot at your best.

If you have used one of these Trijicon reflex sights on a weapon before, you already know just how reliable it can be. Featuring adjustable options, a durable 7075-T6 aluminum construction, and a waterproof design, it provides you exactly the right level of performance for the field. Though the Glock MOS model was developed to ensure you could easily attach a variety of optics, it fails to account for that proper mounting option to keep your RMR secure. In response, Trijicon developed this specialized mounting kit. Made with a durable construction and built specifically to enable use of the RMR on your favorite new Glock, this mounting kit is just what you need.

When you want to get the best performance from a company you know you can trust, start by attaching this mounting kit to your Glock and experience how well you can really perform.


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