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Trijicon HD Orange Front & Black Rear Night Sight Set for Springfield Pistols

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Model: HD
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While the Springfield XD and related handguns all deliver exceptional performance, like any other gun on the market they could always use some work. Among the first things you might consider doing is enhancing the factory optics to allow for an even faster draw and fire situation. In the heat of the moment, every second sounds and having the ability to quickly focus in on a threat makes all the difference. Offered as the perfect replacement for your factory Springfield sights, these Trijicon HD front and rear sights are just what you need to shoot at your best.

Keeping law enforcement and tactical personnel in mind, this set was made using an orange front and black rear to create a set that would offer contrast during the day and illumination at night. This is accomplished first by using an extra tall front sight, which is then outlined in orange to provide that contrasting look. From there, it receives a tritium-phosphor lamp, which effectively illuminates the front optic during low-light and nighttime operations. The rear sight uses a ā€œuā€ notch shape to provide a clear picture of the front while also supplying the perfect contrast. To further enhance the operations, it uses a steeply hooked surface, allowing for better one-handed operations.

So, when you want to make sure your Springfield is really ready for the job of personal protection, remember to look no further than this excellent set right here at Omaha Outdoors.


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