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Trijicon Bright & Tough #8 Front & #8 Rear Night Sight Set for Sig Sauer 9mm and 357 SIG Pistols

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Model: Sig Sauer Bright & Tough
Finish/Color: Black

Whether you have used one for duty before or you are just looking to get a good self-defense weapon, Sig Sauer makes some of the best options on the market. They provide you with a reliable operation and accurate shots every time you pull the trigger. While Sig Sauer might offer some exceptional handguns, if you want to get the absolute best performance at all times, you’ll want to enhance them with a pair of these Trijicon Bright & Tough night sights.

Built for use on your Sig Sauer 9mm or .357 SIG model, this set was designed to offer all you need to always keep your eyes trained on target. These sights were designed to put up with the stress of regular use, featuring a metal body and protected from recoil and shock by silicon rubber cushions. Powered by tritium-phosphor lamps and focused by sapphire windows, they provide a light source no matter how dark it might be. To help ensure that you can use them both day and night, they also feature white rings, giving you that 3-dot look you need to always focus ahead. This includes a #8 front and read night sight and it is recommended that you have it professionally installed for best results.

If you want a good set of sights that will keep you on target during the day but also ensure you can perform at night, look no further than these Bright & Tough by Trijicon.


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