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Trijicon HD Yellow Front & Black Rear Night Sight Set for S&W Pistols

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Model: HD
Finish/Color: Black

No matter how good you are, you can only be as good as the tools you use. Made to be compatible with Smith and Wesson handguns, these replacement Trijicon HD night sights make sure you are always ready to shoot at your best.

When you replace your factory sights with this option by Trijicon, you will immediately notice some key differences. For starters, the front sight is raised higher than usual, which provides a better way to quickly get a view of your target. This is further enhanced by the “U” notch design of the rear sights, allowing you to keep a clear view of the front sight as you move about. From there, the front sight receives a tritium-phosphor lamp, which effectively illuminates the sights and allows you to stay on target in low-light situations. Next, it uses a yellow outline to provide a greater contrast during the day. The rear sights in turn receive a black outline to enhance their look as well. If you ever find yourself in a one-handed emergency, you will also be thankful for the uniquely hooked front, which helps facilitate the weapon’s operation.

So, if you want to give yourself optics that will allow you to see both day and night with the accuracy you need, look no further than this excellent option by Trijicon.


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