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Trijicon Bright & Tough White Front & Black Rear Night Sight Suppressor Set for Glock 20 21 29 30 Pistols

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Model: Glock Bright & Tough
Finish/Color: Black

When it comes to shooting, there are a great many modern innovations that can make your life that much easier. Adding a suppressor to your Glock 20, 21, 29, or 30 pistol can mean greater accuracy, less recoil, and an overall quieter operation. Of course, the one issue that comes with installing a suppressor is that you also have to worry about how your optics will perform. If you want a good set of sights to go with your attached suppressor, this Trijicon Bright & Tough night sight set is just what you need.

The Bright & Tough series was built using a full metal body and protected from shock and recoil thanks to a silicon rubber cushion. Its tritium-phosphor lamps provide continuous light output and are further kept safe thanks to an aluminum casing. With sapphire windows, the light is evenly distributed from the sights, giving you easy access at all times. To provide a better contrast during the day, this set uses a white outlined front dot and black rear, making it easy to keep yourself centered on target. More important than this, the sights are raised to provide for reliable use on your favorite model equipped with a suppressor. When in doubt about installation, always check with a professional first.

So, if you want to use a suppressor on your Glock and have the ability to operate at night, remember there are few sights out there that can compare to this offering by Trijicon.


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