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Trijicon HD Orange Front & Black Rear Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols

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Model: HD
Finish/Color: Black

One of the big advantages of having a Glock model pistol is the ability to quickly draw and fire the weapon. Of course, this action won’t do you much good if you don’t make sure you are on target, which is something the factory sights often fall short of. Carefully designed to ensure that they could work as a simple replacement for Glock factory sights, this Trijicon HD night sight set is just what you are looking for.

To begin, Trijicon uses a metal body construction that was built to stand up to shock. These sights further utilize a silicone rubber cushion to protect from shock and once everything is completed they are treated with a clear coat to keep the internals protected. Speaking of the internals, you will be happy to see the familiar tritium-phosphor lamps, which effectively illuminate the sights and make them viable for nighttime operations. These are protected first by aluminum cylinders, which are placed around them inside the sight blocks. From there, they receive a sapphire window, which further protects them from impact while also providing for even light distribution. Next, the front sight is raised and the rear is subdued, allowing for a better contrast. Finally, the front sight is outlined in a bright orange to keep things clear and provide for the fastest shot available.

If you are looking to take your already impressive Glock and make sure you have an even easier time focusing on your target, look no further than these sights at Omaha Outdoors.


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