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Trijicon HD Yellow Front & Black Rear Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols

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Model: HD
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When Glock introduced its “safe action” pistol, many people might have been skeptical, but it quickly caught on and people started to realize just how helpful this sort of gun could really be. Of course, one of the biggest weaknesses with the factory gun is that its standard sights don’t offer the flexibility to those who need to operate at night. Thanks to this Trijicon HD night sight set, you can be sure your Glock is always ready for action.

Using deliberate and aggressive design, Trijicon was able to include all of the features you need from a true night start, all centered around their tritium-phosphor lamps, which glow in all lighting to keep your sight clear. The body of the sights is designed with a tough metal and the front features a sharply hooked design to assist with one-handed slide operation in a pinch. Meanwhile, the lamps are protected by sapphire windows, which offer an even distribution of light and keep them safe from harm. Wrapped by protective aluminum cylinders and reinforced to resist shock with a silicon rubber cushion, they are ready to handle the stresses of regular use. To increase visibility during use, the front sight is outlined in bright yellow and the black kept a contrasting black. Finally, the front sight is raised and back sights are subdued, contributing to the best visibility under any working condition.

If you want to upgrade your Glock so that it is always ready to handle threats during the day and night, you won’t find a better place to start than with these sights at Omaha Outdoors.


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