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Trijicon Bright & Tough Green Front & Green Rear Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols

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Model: Glock Bright & Tough
Finish/Color: Black

While the Glock may be an excellent platform to use, if there is one weakness it lies in the factory sights. For a casual target shooting who locks up his weapon after use and only takes it out every few weeks to visit the range, they may seem alright, but for those who understand that a gun is often a matter of life and death, you need something more. When you want to make sure your Glock is better ready for nighttime operations, make sure to add this Trijicon Bright & Tough night sight set to your parts list.

Where optics are concerned, there are few companies out there today that have a reputation comparable to Trijicon. In this offering, they further cemented their position by making the sights out of solid metal. This tough exterior is supported by silicon rubber cushioning, which provides a way to stand up to shock and protect it from the typical recoil of your firearm. From there, they use aluminum cylinders to wrap around the lighting source: tritium-phosphor lamps. These lamps emit continuous light and are regulated thanks to sapphire windows, which in turn keep the light distribution even. Of course, nighttime use is not all you will get out of these exceptional sights, as they offer a contrasting 3 dot system that will keep you on target no matter what time of day it is.

If you want to make sure your Glock is ready for action both day and night, make sure you have these sights professionally installed and get ready for action.


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