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Trijicon HD Yellow Front & Black Rear Night Sight Set for Colt Officers / Compact 1991A1

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Model: HD
Finish/Color: Black

Are you looking for a way to improve your 1991A1 and make sure that you can use it both day and night? Do you want new optics to make sure you can quickly deploy your gun when the need arises? Made to work on either your Colt Officer model or Compact 1991A1, you can be sure that this Trijicon HD night sight set will help keep you right on target.

Knowing the difficulties that law officers must face from time to time, Trijicon designed these sights to provide the best visibility no matter what working conditions you are in. This starts at the front sight, which offers increased height over the standard as well as a yellow-outlined front optic. Within this, they place one of their tritium-phosphor lamps, providing illumination for those low-light situations. Meanwhile, the rear sights are outlined in black to enhance the contrast. They are made using a ā€œUā€ notch shape, which helps bring out that difference and provides for a faster ability to draw and fire.

When you need a way to make sure your favorite pistol is really equipped with the best optics around, remember to trust these Trijicon night sights to do the trick.


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