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Springfield Armory Tiffany Blue For Sale - Buy Springfield Armory Tiffany Blue

If you have been searching for a Tiffany Blue Springfield to add to your collection, Omaha Outdoors is definitely the place to be. Springfield makes some exceptional weapons and if that special lady friend in your life has a birthday coming up, you might look towards one of these models to make sure she has something special. This way, she has a new model to take to the range and you can spend some time doing what you both love. Unfortunately, not every woman is interested in shooting, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Instead, sometimes the best way to get someone interested in a hobby is to actually appeal to their other interests. In the case of shooting, this often involves looking for a custom firearm that really looks the part and will effectively pique her interest. One of the best ways to do that might be with a Tiffany Blue Springfield from Omaha Outdoors.

Why Get a Tiffany Blue Finish?

If you are a male, you might wonder what a Tiffany Blue finish actually looks like. When you see it, you might describe the color as teal, robin’s egg blue, or possibly just a light blue. Regardless of what you call it, most female shooters will recognize it as Tiffany Blue because of how this color tone is used in the fashion world today. Perhaps it matches a pair of her favorite earrings or even goes alongside her favorite purse. Whatever the case might be, it is extremely popular for female shooters today. For this reason, many men look to buy a gun with this finish to help convince their wife or girlfriend to have a greater interest in shooting. After all, just as many tactical professionals might opt for an aggressive bronze finish, many female shooters like light tones like this on their firearms. Here at Omaha Outdoors, we apply this finish in a couple of popular ways. The first is to stick with a standard black slide and apply the Tiffany Blue cerakote to the frame. Alternatively, we also keep some models with the stainless steel slide in stock, offering a complementary look. While these are the two configurations we keep in stock, it is important to remember that you can always request variations for a custom order, including a model that has Tiffany Blue covering both the frame and slide.

Offering a Tiffany Blue Springfield

If you haven’t ordered a gun with a custom finish before, you might wonder what exactly a cerakote is. In the firearm community, it is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. First, it can be easily applied to both polymer frames and steel bodies, making it versatile in its applications. Second, it dries to become extremely hard, offering a ceramic-like coat for durability. Third, it seals the gun from outside elements, ensuring it is safe from corrosive influences that you might encounter. To apply this coat, we have hired some expert technicians, who focus on providing the most consistent quality. After each coat is applied, the weapon is inspected to ensure that there are no workmanship errors. Next, the gun is function tested to ensure that everything still works properly. Finally, it ships out with a 12-month workmanship warranty. This warranty is our way of promising you the weapon will meet your quality expectations. It will be free of peeling, cracking, bubbling, or other similar issues for at least the first year, but in testing we have found that the finish should last indefinitely under normal carry conditions.

Other Cerakote Advantages

Of course, one of the challenges that the modern shooter faces when selecting a custom finish for his or her weapon is that many are simply not as durable as the original. Fortunately, this unique ceramic coat is much more durable and able to withstand the elements. While you should avoid torture tests or other excessive abuse, this original coat should do an excellent job lasting for many years to come. In fact, we are so confident in our work with the finish that we include a 12-month workmanship warranty, which will protect from bubbling, cracking, or peeling due to improper application of the finish. So, stop waiting around and hoping you can entice that special female in your life to take up shooting with your gun. Instead, give her an incentive that really speaks her language and allows her to show off her impeccable style. If you have any questions about which model might work best or you just want to learn more about our finish options, please pick up the phone and give us a call. We also take custom orders, which can help you get the look you need in a truly unique way. We look forward to receiving your order and thank you for choosing Omaha Outdoors.


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