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Springfield Armory Bi-Tone For Sale - Buy Springfield Armory Bi-Tone

If you are looking for the right place to shop for that new bi-tone Springfield, there is no better destination than right here at Omaha Outdoors. Over the years, few companies have maintained a reputation that compares to Springfield Armory. Delivering both quality pistols and rifles, they are trusted by many professional and civilian shooters alike. Their various products are built tough, offer reliable operations, and tend to be notably more accurate than some of the similarly-priced options out there. With such a reputation, it makes sense that they continue to sell well and remain so popular within the community. Of course, when a gun is so popular, it often means that a lot of people around you will be shooting the same weapon. Thanks to advances in finishing techniques, you no longer have to settle for the same old weapon that everyone else is using. Rather than just purchasing a single-color firearm for your collection, you might want one of these bi-tone options to give you a more distinguished look.

The Factory Springfield Bi-Tone Finish

As you might expect from a factory weapon, Springfield applies the bi-tone finish to many of its popular XD models to deliver a slightly more distinct look. The frame of the weapon remains the same black as the standard model, offering that distinct polymer finish that people have come to trust. On the other hand, the slide offers a stainless finish, giving you that classic bi-tone look that enhances the visual appeal of your weapon. This option is available on virtually any of the XD models, including full-size, compact, subcompact, the XD-S, and more.

Springfield’s Bi-Tone 1911 Models

Of course, one of the most classic models to have this bi-tone finish on it is the 1911. Since Springfield produces a variety of these handguns, they also offer the finish in a variety of fashions. The most common configuration is perhaps the stainless slide on a standard black frame and equipped with G10 black Garolite grips. Alternatively, they also offer more classic wooden-grip models in this two tone configuration, allowing you to have that refined look while maintaining the classic feel of the original 1911 model.

A New Take on the XD Pistol Line

Instead of settling for this factory finish, you might also be interested in exploring some of the other options available here at Omaha Outdoors. Using certified technicians, we offer our customers a unique cerakote finish option as well. This type of finish is applied by our expert technicians over the necessary areas of the firearm and then dries to become ceramic-like. As a result, the gun is protected from the elements and has an extra surface hardness, which makes it tougher and more resilient. The biggest advantage of choosing this option is that you can get a truly unique model and not have to worry about finding anyone else with the exact same finish. More than this, you can choose the colors you want. Maybe you stick with the stainless slide on the factory bi-tone model and just opt for an OD green frame finish. Or, perhaps you want to coat the frame in burnt bronze and the slide in our signature Spartan bronze. Whatever the case might be, this application takes 10-15 business days on average, but we will let you know if you should expect more based on demand.

Check Out More Unique Finish Options

If you want a classic bi-tone look with the stainless slide and black frame, these factory models will certainly do the trick. On the other hand, Omaha Outdoors also provides some unique options thanks to our in-house technicians. Working with a cerakote finish, we can apply this unique ceramic coat to your favorite model and give it a more distinct personality. Since we do this work in-house, you can give us a call to place this custom order. Whether it is a single color you want applied or your own special bi-tone finish, we should be able to help. So, if you know which model you are looking for, simply place your order below. If you do decide you are interested in something more customized, go ahead and pick up the phone to give us a call. We can provide you with a custom quote based on your project and give you an estimated delivery date once we get started. With a team of customer service professionals at your disposal, Omaha Outdoors looks to make this your best online shopping experience to date. We look forward to serving you and sending your new Springfield bi-tone pistol right away.


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