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While there are a lot of factors that go into selecting the right weapon for the job, when you hear a name like Smith and Wesson, the first word that likely comes to mind is “quality.” For so many years, this company has maintained a reputation of quality due to its tireless commitment to providing exceptional guns for everyone to use. Whether the gun is for competition, home defense, or professional use in the field, you know that when you order something with the S&W logo on it, you have a gun you can trust. With that in mind, Omaha Outdoors is proud to offer a wide selection of these products for you to choose from.

Shop for Smith and Wesson at Omaha Outdoors

Smith and Wesson manufactures some of the most trusted firearms in the industry today. Whether it is their M&P (military and police) pistols or rifles, or one of their trusted revolvers, they have maintained a healthy reputation among law enforcement officers around the country. Many civilians trust these guns with their lives and use them for a variety of special applications. If you want to shop for any of these popular models, Omaha Outdoors is the place to be. Of course, if you are looking for a gun with a bronze finish, you will find that S&W doesn’t offer one.

Unique Finish Options from a Professional Technician

While some major gun manufacturers have decided to start producing unique finishes for their weapons, Smith & Wesson maintains a pretty specific policy when it comes to aftermarket modifications. In fact, they do not provide unique bronze finishes nor do they authorize their dealers to provide them with an aftermarket coat of this type. With that in mind, you won’t find any bronze models already in stock. Despite this, Omaha Outdoors does employ some of the most qualified cerakoting technicians in the industry today. A cerakote is a ceramic-like coating which can be applied to any of your favorite pistols and offers a more unique finish. Since it hardens in this way, it also provides excellent corrosion resistance and delivers a tough exterior finish that lasts. We work with two major bronze colors. The first is our signature Spartan Bronze, which is inspired by the Spartan warrior of ancient Greece and delivers an aggressive look that any owner would be proud of. It offers a dark color that could be likened to a red. On the other hand, you might also consider our burnt bronze finish. This one offers a more gold-like shade and provides a sort of orange hue. You can order these separately or decide to coat the slide in one and the frame in another.

Ordering from Omaha Outdoors

When you choose to have one of these coats applied, the technicians do the work before sending it over to quality control to be inspected. Once it is clear that the coat was applied without error, the weapon is function tested to ensure that everything works properly. Cleared and ready for action, it is then shipped out with a 12-month workmanship warranty. This protects against any defects on our end and ensures that the coat is in place to last for years to come. Whether you want one of the factory Smith and Wesson models or you have a gun you would like cerakoted, Omaha Outdoors is here to help. Our customer service staff is available throughout the week to answer any questions you might have and assist with your phone order. When you are ready, simply place that order online or over the phone. From there, we will work on getting your custom coat applied or sending the items out as quickly as we can. We look forward to working with you and are glad to help with your firearm needs.

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