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No matter what firearm you are using, there is no substitute for having some extra magazines on hand. When you go to the range, you usually are somewhat limited on your time. To get the most out of your money, extra magazines allow you to load up the rounds ahead of time and spend less time loading and more shooting. Similarly, when you find yourself in a self-defense or emergency situation, you want to be sure you have enough magazines loaded and ready to go. This way, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will have the opportunity to reload. Instead, you simply swap out the mags and continue shooting. Whether you are looking to get a factory Sig Sauer magazine or just an aftermarket equivalent part, here at Omaha Outdoors we do our best to keep a wide selection of different magazines in stock and ready to ship. Our wide selection of magazines includes virtually any caliber you might be looking for in all of the most popular models. We also carry various sizes, which is useful for those who own a higher capacity model in a state that limits maximum magazine size.

About Sig Sauer Magazines

Sig Sauer takes great pride in all that it has built. Accordingly, it understands that there is no substitute for quality, which is why it constantly looks to manufacture the absolute best magazines that are available on the market today. Since they were built specifically for the factory model pistols and rifles, you can be sure that each magazine is carefully constructed to exacting specifications. Made in factories dedicated to this work, they use only the highest quality parts and most advanced construction procedures. In doing so, they ensure that the magazines function flawlessly with all of their standard firearms, giving you the best shooting experience. Naturally, Sig works with a wide variety of different parts and applications. Many of the magazines are now made from polymer while others use aluminum or steel. While most of their full-size handguns use larger magazines standard, they also manufacture many 10 round options for California and other restricted capacity states. Since they produce such a wide variety of different guns, you can expect to find both double stack and single stack options, depending on the model you are shopping for.

Various Magazines Available

Sig Sauer manufacturers magazines for all of their models, which means that you can pick up an extra mag for virtually any of your Sig products. One of the most popular options to look at is the 1911. Available in .45 ACP, .38 Super, .40 S&W, 9mm, or .22 LR, these magazines look to deliver consistent performance no matter which model you carry. Alternatively, the SIG556 is another model that people tend to stock up on magazines for. They offer both the standard 30 round PMAG for this model as well as a 30 round aluminum mag set, which comes with 2 magazines and a connector. Alternatively, you can also get a metal 10 round magazine for your restricted state. Naturally, you can also find your other popular models, like the P226, P229, P250, P320, and more.

Order Your Sig Sauer Magazines Online

No matter what you intend to use your guns for, there is no substitute for having enough magazines on hand. With that in mind, Omaha Outdoors makes shopping for your new magazines simple and convenient. When you are ready to get your stockpile in order, remember that there is no sense in shopping around when you have access to all the best options from the convenience of your own home. Thanks to our fast shipping and helpful customer service team, your shopping experience couldn’t be made easier. So, when you need to stock up on magazines to make sure you are always prepared with enough ammo loaded up, remember that you can find everything you need right here at Omaha Outdoors. Contact us today by either phone or email and see how we can help make sure you are properly equipped.


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