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Sig Sauer P320 Compact Spartan / Burnt Bronze 45 ACP 9 RDS 3.9" Handgun

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Sig Sauer




Contrast Sights




2 Mags, Holster

Capacity: 9 RDS
Model: P320 Compact
Finish/Color: Spartan / Burnt Bronze
Caliber: 45 ACP

Custom finished for your enjoyment, this Sig Sauer P320 compact handgun from Omaha Outdoors is here to impress. Have you been looking for an advanced carry handgun, but are dissatisfied with the factory selection? Do you want a firearm that is built tough to last, but also features an attractive finish that will help you stand out from the crowd? Built by Sig to deliver the performance you need and customized in-house by our certified professionals, this cerakoted P320 is ready for action.

Built around a striker-fire system, the P320 is an innovative platform that makes it easy for the end user to customize based on their needs. This model starts out with the compact frame and a 3.9” barrel, which will easily feed all 9 rounds of .45 ACP with a great degree of accuracy. It comes standard with contrast sights, which help support this accuracy by providing a clear sight picture when you need it. The integrated accessory rail makes it easy to attach any laser or light for tactical use, while the texturized grip ensures positive retention in the field.

Realizing that customers wanted more, this particular model received some individual attention here at Omaha Outdoors as well. This starts with the slide, which is cerakoted in burnt bronze to provide a more distinguished look. Next, the frame receives a Spartan bronze finish to contrast with this and the mag bases are coated to match. Once this work is complete, the weapon is function tested to ensure it still works properly and ships out with our standard 12 month workmanship cerakote warranty.

When you are after a gun that takes form and function and presents them hand-in-hand, remember this custom Sig Sauer P320 from Omaha Outdoors makes an excellent choice.


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