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Rifle Suppressors

Beyond simply reducing the sound that your firearm produces, having a suppressor on your rifle can offer a variety of helpful benefits. Though there is some red tape associated with getting a suppressor installed, this has attracted many modern shooters to look at adding a suppressor to their firearms. When you are searching for affordable rifle suppressors for sale, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to sort through the options and find one that fits your exact needs.

The first thing to know before you start to shop rifle silencers is that it is perfectly legal for the average citizen to possess one. Though some anti-gun advocates try to depict these silencers as harmful to safety, it is legal in most of the United States to own one (some individual states have laws prohibiting ownership). Beyond this, you must then understand the ATF requirements and application process.

Before you start looking at silencers for sale, you need to look into filing an ATF form 4 and pay a $200 tax stamp to cover the cost of actually obtaining approval and processing of the application. Once this is done, you can go about filling out the appropriate paper work, getting a local chief law enforcement officer to sign off on your application, and filing your fingerprints. Finally, you must find a local Class 3 SOT license holder so the silencer can be legally transferred to your possession. Many people seek to make this process easier by learning about how to obtain a gun trust to buy a silencer.

The real advantage to getting a suppressor for your rifle is the amount of recoil reduction and increased accuracy you can experience. AAC 300 black rifle suppressors are one of the most popular options and when you use 300 blackout subsonic rounds, it is often easier than shooting a standard .223 / 5.56. AAC also produces the very popular SWR suppressor, which is often sought out by those looking to get a rifle ready for hunting.

Overall, silencers also do a significant number on decibel reduction, and though most still recommend hearing protection, they can make a hunting trip much more lucrative. Shooting your favorite .308 / 7.62 will feel much more comfortable and you are going to be less likely to disturb other animals in the area. Most importantly, Omaha Outdoors carries a wide variety of brands, so whether you want something from Griffin Armament or are looking for rifle Gemtech suppressors, you should have no problem finding what you need.

When you are looking to buy your AR-15 rifle silencer online or any other type of rifle silencer, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to sort through the options and find exactly what you need. With our handy brand feature, you can narrow down options to only include companies like SilencerCo, Thunder Beast, or Yankee Hill Machine, or you can include more traditional companies like Liberty, Gemtech, and Surefire. Alternatively, you can simply browse based on the rifle caliber to find what you need.


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