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Whether you are simply looking to have a new show-piece or you just want to mix up your trip to the range, gun silencers will always turn heads. When you want to buy gun silencers for sale at the best price, Omaha Outdoors has everything you will need to get started. This will allow you to cut through the ATF’s red tape as quickly as possible, and ensure you can get started enjoying your newly modified firearm sooner rather than later.

The first thing that most shooters ask when they first here about suppressors being sold is “are gun silencers illegal?” Though many gun control advocates might try to make you believe otherwise, silencer is actually perfectly legal (though individual states prohibit ownership), but it does undergo increased scrutiny from the ATF. For most shooters, the time and effort is worth it though, as newer silencers help improve the overall shooting experience.

To get a handgun suppressor, you must file ATF form 4 and pay a $200 tax stamp to cover the administration processing of your application. After that, you also need to fill out all of the appropriate paperwork, get a local chief law enforcement officer to sign off, and file your fingerprints with the ATF. Furthermore, you must know a local Class 3 SOT license holder to actually receive the transfer. One way to ease this process is to learn about how to obtain a gun trust.

The advantages of using a pistol silencer are much more pronounced than you might realize. For instance, beyond reducing the decibel level of fired shots significantly, they also have a significant impact on the felt recoil of the weapon. This could easily make a 45 ACP seem more like you are shooting a 9mm or even smaller pistol. Similarly, it could make shooting your 40 S&W seem like a simple 25 caliber.

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry all of the top brands in silencers, allowing you to find the brand that really fits your unique needs. If you are already familiar with suppressors, you might already have a brand in mind, but if you are new to the concept you may want to sort through the different options. SilencerCo has built a strong reputation in the shooting community, offering a great variety of suppressors for different pistols. In fact, their SWR Additionally, companies like AAC and Bowers have developed a reputation for delivering high quality silencers for your shooting needs.

Omaha Outdoors also carries brands like Liberty Suppressors and Thompson Machine. This ensures that you can browse to your heart’s content until you find the option that perfectly fits your firearm of choice.

When you are looking to search gun suppressors online, Omaha Outdoors has been designed to facilitate every aspect of your search, helping you to find the best in pistol silencers. This makes it easy to get the right silencer for sale and allows you to get started in building your pistol just the way you want it.


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