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Suppressor Accessories & Parts

Though installing a suppressor may be something you have been looking forward to, it is important that after cutting through the red tape and getting the suppressor itself, you still need to have all of the proper accessories to put it to use. When it is time to shop for suppressor accessories for sale, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to sort through all of the options and find exactly what you need.

Since suppressors have started to catch on as a way to increase shooting performance, a variety of companies have emerged specializing specifically in suppressors and their accessories. These companies are looking to help shooters get affordable suppressors with the best overall shooting quality. Similarly, some of the largest firearm companies like Surefire and AAC have jumped on board and started producing accessories and suppressors of their own.

Among some of the leaders in the suppressor industry, SilencerCo has made a name for itself exclusively selling silencers and accessories for their use. Thunder Beast Arms and Yankee Hill Machine are two other companies that have jumped on this band wagon. Of course, Omaha Outdoor not only carries these brands, but it also carries options from other companies like Griffin Armament and Gemtech.

Once you know you are going to get a silencer or suppressor installed, it is important that you ready yourself with all of the accessories. This is why we allow you to easily sort through the options, finding the parts that you need to get started. If you simply need to get some muzzle brake mounts to install a new muzzle brake, you can find that here. We also carry flash hinder mounts and all other variety of pistons and mounts for you to ensure that your firearm is ready to customize as you please.

Of course, these are just some of the products that you need to get your firearm up to spec. This is why you can also purchase all of the necessary thread protectors and thread adapters here as well, making it easy to ensure everything is ready for installation. Also, don’t neglect to get the fixed barrel spacers to ensure the right fit.

Once you have all of the parts ready for installation, also remember that you will want to have the appropriate pouches and covers ready to store your modified firearm. Since taking a suppressor on and off is not as easy as movies would have you believe, it is important that you have adequate means to store the now larger barreled firearm and keep it safe and protected from the elements.

When you want to search for silencer accessories online, Omaha Outdoors is designed to make sure you can navigate easily and find exactly what you need. Remember that a silencer is more than just the part itself, and before spending the money on the suppressor and on the government fees associated with registering it, make sure you are ready to get it installed.


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