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Going to and from the shooting range can sometimes be a bit of a chore, especially when you are using more than one or two guns. Rather than have to lug every firearm in a hard case, many shooters prefer to look for soft cases to transport their guns. This makes it much easier, and many times allows you to consolidate your firearms and store more than one in a single bag. When you need to find the best prices on gun and rifle soft cases for sale, Omaha Outdoors makes sure you are covered.

Cases today are becoming more and more complex, which has made it much easier to store and transport firearms from place to place. Among some of the best cases, many have now started offering options where you can store multiple firearms in one soft case, making your trip to the range that much easier. This type of convenience is also extremely helpful if you hope to have a tactical response plan in place, allowing you to easily store them in your car trunk or other key area.

One of our most popular options is from Drago Gear, which offers some unique and discreet ways to carry your firearms. Bulldog is another popular brand for shooters, which includes some great gun range bags as well as more tactical options. We also carry US Peacekeeper, which takes rifle cases to the next level by offering their RAT (rapid assault tactical) case.

Whether you are looking to get a simple gun case to help meet your transportation needs or you are looking to buy a tactical rifle soft case, Omaha Outdoors was designed to make your search as easy as possible. This allows you to get all of the cases you need in one place, saving you both time and money.

When you are looking to buy a new gun case, Omaha Outdoors is here to help. Whether you need to shop for an AR-15 rifle bag online, or you simply are looking for a more effective way to transport all of your firearms at once, we offer a wide selection of options to make sure you have what you need. So, whether you are looking for a leading brand like GunMate or 5.11 Tactical and wish to sort by brand, or you prefer to simply browse and see what might strike your fancy, take your time. After all, the right storage can make a big difference when it matters.


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