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Shotgun Ammunition

A shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms available, offering enjoyment for the recreational shooter, an unbeatable tool for the hunter, and an intimidating option for home defense. Regardless of what type of shotgun you use, you need to be able to keep a regular supply of ammunition if you expect it to do you any good. When it comes time to find shotgun ammo for sale, Omaha Outdoors understands these different uses and caries a wide variety of options to make sure every shooter has what he needs.

Since shotguns have such diverse uses, finding the ammunition you need can sometimes be a challenge. There are so many different 12 gauge shotgun ammo types, which goes well beyond simple slugs, birdshot, and buckshot. You also may want to find some 20 ga ammo to use for smaller game, which Omaha Outdoors has plenty of.

For hunters, you may want to get some 00 buckshot to hunt deer, or if you are looking to hunt some waterfowl or turkey you will probably opt to get smaller birdshot. Though one of the most popular hunting shotguns is the Remington 870, both Beretta and Winchester offer some great options as well. Regardless of what brand your shotgun is, you need ammo that will keep up with you needs.

Of course, many shotgun owners today don’t purchase for hunting, but instead look to have the perfect gun for home defense. Benelli has kept a strong reputation in this industry and Mossberg, with its wide variety of inexpensive tactical options, is another very popular home defense shotgun. When you need to find ammo for your shotgun rifle, it helps to be able to shop in one place to get everything.

Another helpful feature that Omaha Outdoors offers is the ability to search by ammo brand, which allows you to narrow down the selection. If you find that your shotgun works better with Federal ammunition over Fiocchi, then you can search for that. Alternatively, if you prefer Hornady or Hevi-Shot we carry those as well. We even have some specialty shotgun ammo for sale from companies like Estate Cartridge.

When you are looking to buy shotgun ammunition online there is no better place than at Omaha Outdoors. With a wide selection of different shells available and easy sorting options, we ensure that you can spend more time at the range and less looking for ammo.


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