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Rimfire Ammunition

Shooting can become extremely expensive, especially when you are using higher caliber bullets in those larger rifles. This is why many shooters choose to have a rimfire rifle for target practice, allowing them to find lower cost ammunition while still improving their marksmanship. Alternatively, you may simply be looking to hunt some smaller game, in which case rimfire is a much more practical and affordable option. Whether you are looking to hit the range or do some hunting, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to find rimfire ammo for sale.

Many shooters enjoy buying less expensive rimfire ammo, like Remington 17 HMR ammo, because it makes for a quality target round. Others look to use it to train younger, less experienced shooters on how to properly handle a rifle. This is often the case when shooters look at the 22 WMR for deer hunting. Also, some buy LR rimfire ammo online because it is a great round for hunting smaller game.

With so many different reasons to purchase rimfire ammo, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to select the type of ammunition that you need. When you are looking to introduce a new shooter to rifles, you might want to find some 22 long rifle subsonic ammo, which can offer an easier way for someone to get started. At the same time, you might also want to buy some regular Ruger 10/22 ammo for some target shooting of your own. Having the convenience to find both in the same place helps minimize your search for the right ammo.

One of the unique features you can take advantage of at Omaha Outdoors is the ability to sort by brand, allowing you to select from popular companies like Winchester and Remington, or to search for less common options like CCI or Eley. We also carry less expensive brands like Wolf and Aguila, giving a much wider selection than many only retailers.

Whether you need some Fiocchi ammo to teach your son or daughter or how to shoot properly, or you are looking for some rounds to run through your own rifle at the range, Outdoors is here to ensure you can find the best prices offered today. When you need to find 22 LR ammo for sale, we carry all variety to make sure you have what you need.


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