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Lower / Upper Receiver Sets - Mega Arms, Salient Arms, SanTan Tactical, and More!

When you are looking to build your own AR rifle, it can sometimes be difficult to sort through all of the different parts and decide which ones will work best. To help you avoid some of that headache, many companies offer upper and lower receiver sets, which can help you to get started with a solid base. From there, you can customize individual parts, adjust the bolt, change the trigger pull, install accessories, etc. without having to fret over minute details. When you need to find your upper and lower receiver set for sale Omaha Outdoors has some of the best options at some of the most competitive prices.

If you have built a rifle before, you know that each adjustment you make can influence the performance of the rifle, so finding the right brands and the right combinations is of the utmost importance. Whether you are looking for forged or AR billet receivers for sale Omaha Outdoors carries brands like Mega Arms, and SanTan Tactical to ensure you have the best selections available.

Should you prefer to buy a complete AR upper and lower billet set online, we also carry companies like Lone Star Armory and Salient Arms International, both of whom manufacture popular options. This wide selection allows you to still maintain control over your build without worrying about incompatible parts.

The big advantage of buying your upper and lower receivers as a set is that you can be sure that they will fit with one another without having to worry about how well. One of the most aggravating parts of building a rifle is finding that two components you thought would work well together simply are not compatible. By starting with a set from Omaha Outdoors, you can be assured that you will avoid this problem. From there, you can start adding the extras that you need to get the rifle that fits your shooting style.


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