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Upper Receivers & Components - Noveske, VLTOR, JP Enterprises, and More!

If you are looking to build your own rifle, then you already understand how much customization can impact your performance. Finding the right parts for your rifle can be difficult if you try searching at the local sporting goods store though, which draws many shooters online to find what they need. When you need the best AR-10 / AR-15 uppers for sale, Omaha Outdoors caries a wide variety of brands to ensure you have the best customization options available.

When you are looking for AR15 forged uppers for sale, Omaha Outdoors offers some of the biggest brands in the industry, such as the commonly favored Fortis. We also carry BCM Upper receiver and a variety of billet upper receivers from companies like JP Enterprises.
The real allure of building a rifle for most shooters is that you really control the different parts. If you decide you like the charging handles made by Noveske, but prefer to look at bolt carrier groups by VLTOR, you can mix and match the parts to fit your needs. This allows you to adjust all aspects of the rifle’s action and truly have a custom solution to fit your unique shooting style.

Alternatively, Omaha Outdoors also makes it easy to buy a complete receiver upper group online, taking out the process of mixing and matching the different products for your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle. This means less hassle on your part, and with brands like Mega Arms offered, you can get what you need and get to building.

Regardless of how you are looking to build, you need the right upper parts to ensure that your rifle gets built to spec. With the convenient search options and all of the major brands available, you can easily buy the parts you need online, and Omaha Outdoors is here to ensure it is as easy as possible. This will get you up and running, ready to shoot more comfortably and accurately than ever.


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