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Lower Receivers & Components - CMC, Fortis, Noveske, and More!

Whether you are looking to build a new rifle from start to finish or just looking to modify your existing build, working with adjustments are your rifle can be very rewarding. The right build can lower weight, improve accuracy, and reduce chances of jamming. When you need to find AR-10 / AR-15 lower receivers for sale, Omaha Outdoors carries a wide range of products to make your customization that much easier.

Building your own AR-10 or AR-15 is not only satisfying, but it really allows you to design the rifle the way you want it. You can optimize the weight or fit the grips so it is more comfortable. With a well-designed rifle, you can always be sure you will perform at your best in an emergency situation.

Carrying some of the most popular brands like Battle Arms Development, Magpul, and Spikes Tactical, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to buy lower receiver parts online. In addition to these popular brands, many AR-10 rifle owners look for ways to customize their rifles further, with brands like Fortis, KAK Industry, and KNS. These are just some of the complete forged lower receivers available at Omaha Outdoors.

On the other hand, many shooters are simply looking for specific features to add to their rifles. CMC Trigger and LMT both make some popular lower parts, such as customized magazine release buttons to make your action that much quicker. Many dedicated shooters also look for new safety selector switches, which they can also purchase online from reputable brands such as SanTan Tactical or Noveske.

If you are simply looking to complete your stripped billet lower receiver with Magpul parts or if you want to build a completely new system, Omaha Outdoors has the selection you are looking for at prices you can trust. This makes it easy to find lower parts kit for sale and helps ensure you have the best build.


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