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Muzzle Brakes / Compensators / Flash Hiders - AAC, LANTAC, Surefire, and More!

There are a variety of factors that come into play when you take aim with your rifle –sights, stance, breathing, stability, wind – just to name a few. The higher caliber you are shooting, the more difficult it is to keep your accuracy up, especially when you have to take a second or third shot and you are dealing with the recoil. Beyond simply getting a recoil pad for your rifle, one of the best steps to take it to search for rifle muzzle brakes for sale.

The right muzzle break can go a long way to keeping your shots on target, especially after the initial shot is taken. Though shooters traditionally used these brakes for heavier caliber firearms like the 300 AAC Blackout or the 7.62 / .308, every millimeter matters today in accuracy, and many people are now looking to add a brake to their 6.8 SPC or even the smaller 5.56 / .223. These muzzle brakes and really help to minimize muzzle rise, which will improve every one of your shots and ensure you stay on target.

Whether you are looking to find a flash hider for your AK-47, or purchase that AR-308 muzzle brake, Omaha Outdoors carries all of the major brands. This includes brands like the popular Surefire, Spikes Tactical, and Gemtech, to more specialized companies like SilencerCo or AAC. This makes it easy to buy muzzle flash hiders online while knowing you are getting the most competitive prices available today.

Beyond simply offering muzzle brakes, Omaha Outdoors also carries products like a rifle compensator and suppressor / silencer quick-attach, which offers shooters convenient ways to improve their hunting trips. Shopping online has never been easier, and with access to LANTAC, Noveske, and Seekins Precision, products, shooters will never have to worry about muzzle flash again.

Ultimately, accuracy is the name of the game when it comes to shooting. Whether you are working on the best hunting rifle or simply staying prepared at home or on the range, a good muzzle brake or flash suppression system can make a big difference in your accuracy.


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