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With a great variety of handguards for sale, Omaha Outdoors is yet again your one stop shop destination for the handguards that your rifle has earned. Whether you’re looking to buy a free floating rifle handguard online, or keep things a little more basic with AK-47 and AR-15 quad rails, chances are you’ll find exactly what you need right here. When you shop with us you aren’t just coming to purchase rifle parts online, you’re coming to create the weapon of your dreams.

We understand that the modern shooter is not content with out of the box factory parts and accessories. We share your desire to truly customize and achieve the very best performance from your rifle, and a large part of that is handguards. What if you want to put a SilencerCo Saker 762 suppressor inside the handguard of your rifle, this is such a specialized request that some may not even know where to start to accommodate you. However here at Omaha Outdoors we have exactly the right parts to make that dream a reality. Perhaps your new project asks that you install a Midwest Industries handguard on a PAP M85 AK rifle, if this is the case we yet again have precisely the right parts to achieve such a feat. Maybe super customized rifles are not your thing, we have that covered too, for the fundamentalist out there we have a great selection of picatinny rail handguards. These make a great addition to any rifle and allow the user to upgrade the weapon’s versatility by adding a flashlight or laser.

We even carry the newest development in handguard accessories that of the keymod rail. This improved version of weapon attachment is superior to that of the tried and true picatinny rail as it requires less moving parts to securely attach the user’s accessory of choice. Great companies such as, Daniel Defense, Geissele, Fortis, Mega Arms, Magpul, Midwest Industries, and even Noveske make all of these options possible. So if you are searching for a superior selection of handguard parts and accessories, look no further because anything you could possibly need is right here.


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