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Let’s face it whether you hunt, shoot completion, or just shoot for good old-fashioned fun, the sport of shooting is like no other in the world. This is the case in almost every aspect of shooting for recreation, and unfortunately applies to danger as well. Accidents are a part of life but it is our duty as responsible shooters to make safety our top concern. With so many brands of earplugs and shooting glasses for sale, there is no excuse not to acquire the most basic of safety tools before shooting.

Many people are quick to point out the obvious danger involved in shooting, but do not realize the more subtle but just as real dangers that are present when operating a firearm. One of the most paramount of these dangers is that of hearing loss after shooting. It is a very real threat and happens to many people who do not adequately protect themselves especially when shooting indoors. If you ask yourself, my ears hurt after shooting a gun, you may need to consider a more efficient means of hearing protection. It is incredibly easy to buy hearing protection such as earmuffs online, this is an option that many older shooters did not enjoy. You do not even have to leave your home to acquisition the proper safety equipment such as earmuffs, and safety glasses. When deciding which hearing protection to purchase the major factor that you should make note of is the product’s NRR or noise reduction rating. This rating will allow you to determine if that particular product is suitable for its intended use, in this case shooting a firearm.

There are many great choices for the proper safety gear such as 3M/Peltor, Allen, Champion, Surefire, and Howard light. There are two main styles of hearing protection standard or electronic. Standard are what most would consider a traditional earmuff, while electronic earmuffs utilize technology a bit more, and will actually allow the user to set a determined decibel rating to cut out. Peltor hearing protection is a great resource to investigate if you are looking for an electronic type earmuff. You may find that choosing which earmuff best suits you can be determined by the gun range you visit the majority of the time. The aforementioned electronic muffs are great for indoor use as you are able to hear at normal speaking levels that allow you to more efficiently communicate with others, while still cutting out the potentially dangerous sound of gunfire. Another pivotal safety item is that of safety glasses. Much like earmuffs, there are many great brands to choose from, but those seeking a premier brand might check out Oakley shooting glasses. No matter your safety needs, Omaha Outdoors aims to keep you and your family safe.

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