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Charging Handles

With an extensive array of rife charging handles for sale, Omaha Outdoors is the place to find what you are looking for. Although there are many different rifle platforms for us to choose from, with varying batteries of arms, one thing is common to all of them; charging handles. Something as pivotal as the very means of charging your weapon should be placed high in the pecking order of importance, but sadly most gun owners choose not to pay any mind to this most valuable of assets, even though in today’s world it is so easy to buy an AR-15 charging handle online.

Whether you have an AR, AK, or another rifle platform none of them will do you any good if you cannot feed them properly. Did you know that while most M4 charging handles, appear to be the same, some offer very distinct advantages over others? The same can be said of the AR-10 charging handle, we have come a long way from the classic t shape handle that was in Eugene Stoner’s original design. Do not let such a simple part be your downfall, when it comes to our weapon systems we all strive to make sure they are ready to work when we need them to. Other parts and accessories are often over stressed such as magazines, bolts, and stocks; and while they are all very important in their own right at the end of the day the advantages of these parts can only be realized when one can shoot said weapon.

Do not take a chance, put some spring back into your method of charging. Carrying a huge selection of charging handles from name brands such as; AXTS Raptor, Fortis, Mega Arms, LMT, and VLTOR, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to this topic.


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