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Getting your firearms ready involves more than just picking up some ammo at your local sporting goods store. Whether you are simply using the weapon for home defense or you are preparing for your next tactical assignment, it is important that you always have your weapon outfitted properly. To accomplish this, you need to get the right support accessories ready. Naturally, this means picking up those extra magazines, outfitting your rifle with a new muzzle brake, and getting the stock that will offer you the most shooting comfort. To help you accomplish this, you should look no further than SGM Tactical.

On our own mission to become your number one destination for all firearm-related purchases, Omaha Outdoors makes sure to keep a variety of SGM products in stock and ready to ship. This helps alleviate some of the pressure on your as you shop and allows us to offer some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. Of course, more important than this, we understand that our customers deserve individual attention as they shop. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Otherwise, use the handy sorting features to find exactly what you need.

Built for Flawless Performance

Established with the purpose of providing shooters with flawless magazines and other shooting accessories, SGM Tactical is an American manufacturer that continues to impress. From their headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, SGM provides shooters with some of the most reliable magazines available today as well as other support accessories like muzzle brakes, rails, and tactical stocks. All of their products are designed using CAD software and are made in an ISO certified facility, ensuring the highest quality American-made products available today. If this quality is what you are after, there are few companies out there that can compete with a powerhouse like this.

Get the Performance from an SGM Tactical Magazine

SGM Tactical has a variety of great magazine designs to ensure you can find the right fit for your rifle or shotgun. They produce these magazines for both Saiga an Vepr series weapons, offering a variety of caliber options to fit all your shooting needs. Naturally, they offer .223 caliber magazines, .308, and 7.62x39mm options for the rifle. In addition to these common rounds, they also have 7.62x54R magazines available. For shotguns, they offer both 12 gauge and 410 to ensure you can get the right options. Rifle magazines are offered in all variety of size ranging from 3-5 rounds up to 30 rounds. Shotguns start with 2 round magazines and go up to 12 or 15 rounds, depending on the round.

Regardless of which magazine you are looking at, all of the SGM mags are made using CAD systems and manufactured to ISO standards. The used injection molding from P20 pre-hardened tool steel to great a magazine that will last for many years to come. For the body of the magazine, they work with Dupont composite/glass-filled polymer, which has proven to be very successful when it comes to durable design. All designs have been tested to work with a wide variety of ammunition and provide smooth functioning under any conditions. To ensure this quality, they offer all magazines with a warranty.

Pick up A New Tactical Rifle Rail System

After you have made sure you have enough magazines, you might also be interested in picking up a new rail system for your favorite rifle. Like their magazines, each of these is built to ensure it will last, providing a high quality construction made using precision engineering. SGM uses HTN/50 Polymer, which is virtually indestructible, even under rigorous use. The handguard sections are made smooth as well, ensuring a comfortable grip. Depending on the weapon and your applications, you can select between quad rails, tri rails, or just a single picatinny rail to top your rifle. Whatever the case might be, it is important you work with a system you can trust.

Try A New Muzzle Brake for Improved Weapon Control

Depending on the model weapon you are looking for, there are a variety of different muzzle brakes available. In total, SGM Tactical makes 4 different basic muzzle brake models. Saiga The Pro series muzzle brake is designed specifically for Saiga or Vepr 12 gauge shotguns. It is manufactured from 4140 heat treated steel and features a black oxide finish. The threaded attachment makes it easier to affix and the brake offers great relief from the felt recoil.

The Gunner model is another great design, offering a quality compensator that will greatly reduce the felt recoil and help you improve muzzle control. If you want a more versatile option, the Saber Boss may be the way to go. This model uses sharp edges for door breaching and can fire slugs or bird shot. Finally, those who use a .308 rifle will instead consider the Saiga .308 Muzzle Brake. This not only diminishes felt recoil, but it will actually make a noticeable difference in your accuracy as well, ensuring you can always stay on target.

Stocks and Stock Accessories to Keep You Shooting

Finally, SGM Tactical also offers a variety of other options for your weapon stock. They make a separate tactical stock that you can use with your favorite rifle or shotgun to enhance performance in the field. If you already like your existing stock, you might instead just opt for a recoil pad, which will help reduce some of the stress on your shoulder. Additionally, you can pick up a pistol grip to give yourself greater control of your weapon. S

Pick Up Your SGM Tactical Gear from Omaha Outdoors

If you are shopping at Omaha Outdoors, you can benefit from the most convenient online shopping experience available today. Our storefront was especially organized to help ensure you are able to easy navigate to the items you need. Whether you are here for one specific accessory or you are just looking to browse through and get an idea of what you might need, our job is to ensure you have the easiest time doing so. This is why we offer a variety of organization features to the left as well as a handy search box to use and navigate to your items.

Regardless of what you need, our mission is to become your number one provider for all things outdoors and shooting related. So, feel free to call us directly with any questions you might have. Otherwise, simply select the items you need and place your order. Either way, we look forward to providing for your tactical needs.


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