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If you want to use a Salient Arms International magwell on your Glock, Omaha Outdoors is the place to shop. Those who use a Glock already know why the weapon is so popular. It offers a durable platform, provides reliable operations, and remains one of the most consistent weapons on the market today. Many even look for ways to upgrade the weapon, ensuring they have better results in the field or at the range. Among those upgrades, you might look for ways to improve your reloading speed to ensure you always have a full magazine ready to go. One of the best ways to improve your reloading speed is to use an aftermarket magwell, which improves the design of the well and ensures you can quickly insert a new magazine in the field. Of course, the problem with most magwells today is that they are too big and bulky for field use, especially if you want to conceal your weapon. Realizing that they could do better, SAI set out to change this. Developed to provide the same fast reloading you need without the extra size associated with your usual well, they did just that. When it comes time to get that type of performance in the field, look no further than one of these Glock mag guides from Salient Arms International.

Working With Salient Arms International Magwells

Though most aftermarket magwells are big and bulky, Salient Arms International realized that tactical professionals could benefit from these features just as much as a competitive shooter. With that in mind, they looked to create an option that would allow for faster reloading without the bulk. The result is their SAI Glock Minimalist Mag Guide. Designed to work with all mag base plates, including OEM, this mag guide is contoured to fit on the bottom of your pistol without adding any bulk, effectively eliminating the extra threat of imprinting. As you would expect of anything that comes from SAI, this guide is made tough enough to handle everyday use and features a simple design that is easy and convenient to install.

Shopping for Parts at Omaha Outdoors

When it comes to finding a magwell that works just as well in the field as it does for that competition, you won’t find anything better than this option from Salient Arms International. With that helpful funnel design, you can enjoy fast reloads and never worry about whether you are able to handle multiple threats during your daily operations. Of course, when you shop with Omaha Outdoors, you can access more than just these exceptional magwells. In addition to these parts, you might also want to consider checking out other SAI accessories, such as the Glock base plate they manufacture, which increases the weight and ensures it drops smoothly as you hit the mag release. While you’re at it, you should also make sure you have enough magazines to begin with and ammo to go in them. Regardless of what other parts you might need, Omaha Outdoors is here to offer you a simplified online shopping experience. Rather than deal with the stress and hassle that you often encounter when shopping online, we make it easy to find everything you need in one place. Our convenient storefront offers sorting options that help you narrow down your choices, allowing you to find just the right items from the right brands. If you have any questions about these Salient Arms magwells or any of the other products you find online, please feel free to give us a call directly. Our service staff is ready and able to help. Once you are ready, place your order below and we will have these items on their way.


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