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Salient Arms International Remington 870 12 Ga 7 RDS 18.5" (Trijicon RMR Not Included) Shotgun

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Salient Arms International

Capacity: 7 RDS
Model: 870
Finish/Color: Black

Whether for hunting or home defense, there are few shotguns more trusted than the Remington 870. Noting the popularity of this platform, Salient Arms International set out to create an aftermarket option that could really serve competitive shooters and tactical operators alike. Now, Omaha Outdoors is proud to offer that model to you right here online.

SAI started this model with a vent-rib sighting system, which follows with their other shotgun modifications. After this, they took the 28 inch Remington barrel, cut it, and re-choked it down to 18.5 inches. Next, they use the proprietary porting technique while elongating the force cone, which helps manage recoil and control shot patterns. Continuing with the modifications, they use Magpul furniture and stippled the product for a more secure grip and unique look. In addition to adding an extended safety, they make trigger modifications to avoid over travel and provide a crisp break at 3 lbs. The entire action of the weapon is polished, tuned, and then coated using SAI’s TiALN coating, which allows it to better handle heat and tough environments.

Beyond these performance modifications, they go on to fine tune virtually every aspect of the weapon. They upgrade the magazine spring, use an aluminum follower, and coat various components in that same TiALN black coating. Lightening the bolt, they make it easy to pump the weapon and provide faster follow-up shots.

If you are looking for a top performing shotgun that you can easily use at your next competition or you just want a home defense weapon that will ensure you can hit your target, this offering from Salient Arms International is sure to please.


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