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Salient Arms International Glock Gen 3 19 / 23 Magwell

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Model: Glock

If you have been looking for a Salient Arms International (SAI) magwell to upgrade your Glock, you have come to just the right place. Are you involved in important tactical assignments and need to make sure your firearm is really up for the job at hand? Do you find that your reload speed is sometimes hampered as you try to fit the magazine in the well? Have you been searching for affordable weapon upgrades that you can install yourself without advanced armorer training? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this could be just the tool you need.

While most magwells on the market offer a bulky profile, this option from SAI features a minimalist approach to deliver a more streamlined process. In effect, it is better suited for real combat situations and tactical assignments by allowing for a speed reload and facilitating one-handed manipulation of the weapon. SAI was careful to create this well using aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it tough enough to stand up to the heat of battle. It can be easily added to the bottom of your unmodified Glock magazine well and provides a tapered design that works even better when you use a Salient Arms mag base pad. Just remember, this modification cannot be added to Gen 4 Glocks and will not fit on a frame that has been aggressively stippled.

When you are looking for a street-ready magwell for your G19 or G23, look no further than this Salient Arms International magwell from Omaha Outdoors.

Note to California shooters: if you intend to use a 10-round magazine, you can use either the mag well or base pad, but not both.


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