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Salient Arms International Glock 19 Match Grade TiN Threaded Barrel

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Salient Arms International

Model: G19
Finish/Color: TiN Gold

Have you been looking for a Salient Arms International match grade barrel for your Glock 19? Do you need to improve your handgun’s accuracy so you are ready to get the best performance in the field? Are you searching for a way to do this without losing the durability that comes with owning a Glock model? Whether for duty, competition, or self-defense purposes, this simple drop-in upgrade is definitely a great place to start.

While the casual shooter might find the stock Glock barrel works just fine, Salient Arms realized that it could be greatly improved upon with the right attention. Using more precise rifling, they were able to create a barrel that would work as a drop-in replacement for your standard Glock 19 and provide even greater accuracy. This model is threaded to allow for a suppressor or other muzzle device to be attached. It also uses a gold TiN (titanium nitride) coating to ensure that it is completely resistant to the elements. To protect the barrel for those times you are not using a muzzle device, this also includes a thread protector that you can easily screw and unscrew when the need arises.

If you want to start upgrading your Glock 19 to achieve the best in accuracy and performance, this Salient Arms International match grade barrel is the perfect place to start.


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