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Though many shooters like to look exclusively for American-made weapons, the history of firearms extends well beyond this country. In fact, some of the most popular law enforcement and military models are still made by companies outside the United States. Among civilians though, the rifles and shotguns that tend to have a higher level of popularity are Russian made. Hailed for their durability and reliable design, these weapons have been trusted for many decades to survive in the battlefield and get the job done right. Today, one of the best sources to get those weapons from in the States is RWC Group.

Of course, knowing what company manufacturers the gun you want is not as important as having a place you can make your direct purchases. At Omaha Outdoors, we want to become your number one online destination for all shooting-related purchases, which is why we work to keep a full stock of RWC Group firearms in our warehouse. This helps you by allowing you to view a complete selection of our offerings right here on the convenient online storefront. Perhaps more important, it also ensures we are able to provide some of the fastest shipping times in the industry today. So browse around, enjoy your stay, and thanks for choosing Omaha Outdoors.

Russian Heritage Meets American Innovation

When RWC Group was first established, it worked hard and earned its place as the United States’s exclusive importer of Izhmash products. Known for designing the AK-47, SKS, Saiga, and a variety of other popular weapons, they were able to import those items to the States at a price people could afford. On July 16, 2014, the face of the industry changed when sanctions were imposed against Concern Kalashnikov. Taking this as an opportunity, RWC, known branded as Kalashnikov USA, looked to transform from an importer to a full-fledged manufacturer. Today, they continue to work towards this objective, developing both the classic AK design and also building models that integrate some more innovative American techniques.

Autoloading US132 Rifle

Developed as the “classic” option for those who enjoy the original AK model platform, the US132 rifle was designed with ease of use and reliability in mind. Working off the familiar gas operated rotating bolt system, it delivers flawless performance with a continuous firing rate. As you would expect, it comes chambered in the popular 7.62x39mm, and uses a safety selector that lets you choose between “safe” and semi-auto mode and also holds the operating handle and bolt open. The barrel is nitrocarburized and hardened, as is the chamber, which help to improve corrosion resistance and increase service life. To stay accurate, the rifle includes a 4 position rear leaf sight and also offers a side rail for optical sights. Finally, all parts are CNC machined for better performance.

To finish these rifles off, they utilize high impact polymer a hunting buttstock and forend, which can stand up to a beating and provides for comfortable handling in the process. Furthermore, these polymer components help to cut back on the overall weight, allowing you to better handle your weapon out in the field. Of course, don’t worry if you are a strict traditionalist, as they also offer this rifle with the classic wooden furniture that you might be more familiar with.

Modern Rifle US132Z

Those who can respect a classic but feel there is always room for modern improvements will enjoy checking out the US132Z instead. This newer design utilizes many of the familiar features of the classic AK, such as the nitrocarburized barrel and action as well as the gas operated rotating bolt. It also comes chambered in the familiar 7.62x39mm and comes standard with a 30 round polymer magazine. Of course, where you may appreciate the similarities, you will also enjoy the many differences.

To begin with, this model uses a polymer hand guard with rails, allowing you attach a variety of accessories based on your specific needs. It also comes standard with an ergonomic vertical grip, which allows you to keep a better handle on your weapon. The buttstock comes with an adjustable cheek piece, which allows you to adjust based on your comfort needs. Furthermore, the pistol grip uses interchangeable fingergrips and backstraps to provide the best handle. Finally, the barrel is topped off with a Tapco slank AK-47 muzzle brake, which lowers felt recoil and helps prevent muzzle climb.

Autoloading Shotgun US109L

When Saiga was introduced, many people were impressed with the basic AK’s platform ability to be changed over and adapted for this sort of use. Today, Kalashnikov USA looks to produce this weapon to the highest quality standards. Built as the “basic” model this integrates many of those familiar systems, like the semi-auto gas piston design. Like the other options, it is manufactured with CNC machined parts for tighter tolerances. It comes standard chambered in 12 gauge and includes a single 5 round, polymer magazine. With polymer furniture, it maintains a lighter weight and allows for a more resilient body.

Autoloading Shotgun US109T

Working again with that belief that a classic can still benefit from modern improvements, the US109T is a tactical variant of this popular semi-auto shotgun design. Also chambered in 12 gauge, this model starts out by offering a standard 10 round magazine in place of the usual 5. It uses a skeletonized buttstock to cut back on the weight while still providing solid control of the weapon in the field. Its pistol grip utilizes interchangeable finger grooves to allow for that custom grip option and the gas port and block are enlarged to ensure smoother functioning. Finally, it uses a factory modified, vented forend to keep the heat lower, which can work to increase accuracy in the field.

RWC Group Accessories

After you have selected the right weapon, it is important to consider the different accessories you might need for your new firearm. Naturally, you’ll want to pick up a few extra magazines. Whether to just save time at the range or keep your firearm ready for use, these extra magazines are essential. Kalashnikov USA offers their own magazines specifically fit for these new firearms, ensuring you get the best possible performance in the industry today. Alternatively, you might also pick up some new sights, or other accessories, which you can find here at Omaha Outdoors.

Whatever your application might be, it is important that you look for the absolute best if you hope to succeed. Omaha Outdoors understands the importance of a mission, and ours is to become your number one destination for these purchases. We can only accomplish this by providing the best service in the industry. So, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call directly; one of our service reps will be delighted to guide your through the process and help you find the right tool for the job.

If you know what you need, simply take advantage of our convenient online storefront and place your order below. We look forward to serving you and sending your new RWC Kalashnikov USA firearms directly.


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