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Tiffany Blue Rugers For Sale – Buy Ruger Tiffany Blue Teal Guns Online

Ruger manufactures a variety of great weapons, giving you plenty of options when it comes time to select your go-to carry pistol. Of course, the one thing they often fail to do is provide you with a selection of different colors that you might be after. Specifically, they seem to fall short when it comes to attracting female shooters, which is why Omaha Outdoors decided to take action. Using our in-house certified technicians, we can work with any of our Ruger models to cerakote your favorite firearm in tiffany blue, giving you the look you are after while still maintaining the quality you expect.

Get Any Ruger Model Done

Carrying a wide selection of different models, we make it easy to find exactly what you need right here online. Some of the most popular models we work with are the LCP, LC9, and LC9s. We can also work with the SR series of pistols and if you have a special request we are certainly willing to look at that as well. In addition to our pre-coated models, we also offer cerakoting services for any of your existing Ruger models. This way, you can stick to the gun you already know while just paying for the shipping, handling, and custom coating. If you would like this service, simply contact us directly.

Why Get a Cerakote?

When you are considering a tiffany blue cerakote, the first reason is probably to give your wife or girlfriend something that will better appeal to her. You might describe the color as teal, or perhaps even just light blue, but when your special lady sees it she will immediately recognize this attractive shade. Of course, that is not the only reason people get their weapons coated. Another reason is the unique structure of this ceramic coating,which can actually help to protect the weapon better than most factory finishes. It offers a seal from the elements, shielding your weapon from oxidation and it also forms a hard finish, further protecting it from scratches. In fact, it can survive for quite some time without wearing off; just avoid scratching it against metal or dropping it on rocks.

Ordering From Omaha Outdoors

Regardless of whether you are ordering a brand new tiffany blue Ruger or you just want to cerakote your old model, Omaha Outdoors makes the shopping process simple and convenient. You can always browse through our stock right here online and you can just as easily pick up the phone and contact us with any questions you might have. Our number one priority is to make sure you have the best service and we start this off right by guaranteeing some of the fastest shipping in the industry. More than this, all of our custom coating comes with a 12 month workmanship warranty, protecting your firearm from any normal wear. So, rather than struggling to get your wife or girlfriend into shooting, start by ordering one of these tiffany blue models today.

Tiffany Blue Rugers For Sale


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