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Ruger SR-556 For Sale - Buy Ruger SR-556

The AR-15 has long been respected as one of the most reliable and easy-to-use sporting rifles available on the market. It offers easy customization options, provides reliable operation, and offers durability that is hard to match. Despite its great design, modern manufacturers are always looking for new and more inventive ways to improve upon this classic. Of course, the average shooter might find that many of these guns are out of reach, often carrying price tags in the $3,000 or even $4,000 range. Realizing that there was a demand for a more affordable yet still ultra-advanced AR platform, Ruger introduced the SR-556. Taking all of the best features of the classic AR design and using modern American engineering, this platform looks to provide shooters with the absolute best performance. So, whether you want something around for home defense, are looking to perform in a competition, or need something for your next tactical assignment, you may want to stop what you are doing and consider this exceptional sporting rifle right here at Omaha Outdoors.

Pick Up a Ruger SR-556

Naturally, the accuracy of this rifle is one of the first concerns, which is why Ruger included a chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged barrel made from 41V45 chrome-moly-vanadium steel. This barrel is precision-rifled to ensure some of the best performance, while the materials used ensure longevity. Since accuracy is such a concern, it also ships with stand front and rear folding iron sights, with the front sight being fully adjustable for windage and elevation and therefore maintaining zero when you decide to swap out the barrel. Speaking of which, this model features a takedown barrel, which can easily be removed from the upper receiver without any special tools and installed just as easily. Regardless of whether you use the standard barrel or decide to swap it out for one of the other options made by Ruger, you will surely enjoy the patented, chrome-plated, two-stage piston, which offers users a cleaner and cooler running experience. In effect, it provides smooth power with each stroke and allows for superior reliability and longevity. The Ruger Elite 452 AR-Trigger is also included in this model, which provides a two-stage trigger to deliver a crisp and consistent pull. The lower receiver is fitted with Magpul MOE grips and a MOE SL collapsible buttstock. Naturally, this is wrapped around a mil-spec buffer tube for the best performance.

Complete Technical Specifications

Chambered in the standard 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem cartridge, the Ruger SR-556 offers the kind of specifications that you want from a battle-ready rifle. It starts with a 16.12” barrel, which features 6 grooves and a 1:8 right hand twist. This barrel is seated within a body that is 2.5” wide, 7.75” tall, and measures between 32.75”- 36”, depending on the position of the stock. Weighing in at 7.1 pounds, the gun is protected by a manganese phosphate and hard coat anodized finish, making it tough enough to deal with unfavorable environmental conditions.

Ordering from Omaha Outdoors

Realizing how powerful this Ruger SR-556 really is, you might be interested in ordering it right away. Rather than going to your local shop and hoping they have one in stock, Omaha Outdoors makes your shopping experience simple and convenient. Simply select the gun you need from below or pick up the phone and give us a call to place your order. Just get us your FFL information and we will have the gun sent your way with some of the fastest shipping in the industry today. This way, you spend less time worrying about when it will arrive and more time preparing for when you might have to use it.


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