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There are so many different reasons that you might be looking to buy yourself a new rifle. Hunting is perhaps one of the most common reasons and whether it is hunting varmint or taking on larger game, a reliable rifle can certainly go a long way. Alternatively, you might be concerned with home defense, in which case you want something powerful enough to take down an attacker and accurate enough to do the job without fail. Or, perhaps you just want a target shooter, a model that you can use for competitions and actually make some money from your shooting habit. Of course, the thing that many gun owners don’t want to admit is that sometimes they just want to use a gun to shoot for enjoyment. This is especially easy when you have a small-caliber rifle, as you can spend plenty of time at the range without blowing your entire monthly budget on ammunition. Comprised of four different rifle series, you may want to check out a Ruger Rotary Magazine rifle from Omaha Outdoors to keep you performing at your best.

The Different Ruger Rotary Magazine Models

There are four different Ruger Rotary Magazine models to consider: the 77/17, 77/22, 77/357, and the 77/44. Regardless of which model you choose, you will find that they all are made using a cold hammer-forged barrel, which uses some of the most precise rifling to keep each of your shots fixed on the target. The solid, stainless steel action includes a stainless steel bolt with a 90 degree bolt lift and exceedingly fast lock time, which improves the weapon accuracy even more. Of course, the patented, integral scope mounting system is where accuracy really gets a boost. You can use the included scope rings to attach your favorite scope directly to the receiver, ensuring it stays in place while providing a tight fit that keeps your shots right on target. Using a detachable rotary magazine with a unique rotor to separate cartridges, you can expect super-reliable feeding. Finally, the three-position safety gives you peace of mind and ensures operations always run smoothly.

Individual Model Specs

The Ruger 77/17 is chambered standard in .17 HMR and features an American Walnut stock. It comes equipped with a 22” barrel with 6 grooves and a 1:9 right hand twist. Overall, it measures out to be 41.25” long and weighs 6.5 pounds. The .17 HMR is also offered in a longer 24” barrel configuration. Alternatively, you can also look for the 24” barrel on the .17 Hornet model, which weighs 7.5 pounds overall and measures 43.25”. The final option is the .17 WSM, which has virtually identical dimensions to the .17 Hornet. Next, the 77/22 is offered with an American Walnut stock standard and comes chambered in .22 LR. It is offered with a 20” or 24” barrel that uses a 1:16 right hand twist. Overall, the shorter version measures out to be 39.25” long and weighs 6.5 pounds. Alternatively, the .22 WMR model offers a 1:14 right hand twist, but still uses either the 20” or 24” barrel. If you opt for the longer one, you will hit a weight of 7.5 pounds and a length of 43.25”. Finally, you can consider the 24” barrel on the .22 Hornet model. This uses 6 grooves and a 1:14 right hand twist, providing an overall weight of 7.5 pounds and a length of 43.25”. The .22 Hornet model also offers a Green Mountain stock instead of the usual walnut. The Ruger 77/357 is offered only with a black synthetic stock and comes chambered in .357 Mag. Its barrel measures 18.5” and uses 8 grooves with a 1:16 right hand twist. Overall, it weighs 5.5 lbs. and measures 38.5” long. Finally, the 77/44 is available in .44 Rem and offers an American Walnut, Black Synthetic, or Next G1 Vista Camo stock option. Regardless of which option you select, the barrel measures 18.5”, uses 6 grooves and has a 1:20 right hand twist. Overall, it measures 38.5” long and weighs 5.2 pounds.

Fitting the Caliber to the Application

A good bolt-action rifle can be used for a variety of applications, but the Ruger Rotary Magazine models are broken down, as outlined above, into actual sub-model categories that can help you make the right choice. If you are looking for a plinker or hunting varmint, you might be interested in either the 77/17 or the 77/22. Alternatively, the 77/357 and 77/44 are an excellent choices for those who need a bit more power when they go shooting. Before you decide on one particular model, you should make sure you are paying close attention to exactly what you intend to use it for. Whatever the intended application, these Ruger rifles make for an excellent addition to your collection. When you are ready to get shooting, you can simply make your selection from our inventory below. If you can’t find what you need or you have any questions you want answered, simply pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to serving you and keeping you right on target.


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